Photo of corneal recipient Kailee

Kailee was not yet two when a Christmas tree needle pierced her right eye. The pine needle had to be surgically removed, and Kailee’s eye became infected. Despite constant monitoring and numerous eye drops, her cornea had trouble healing, and for several years Kailee struggled with recurring infections, swelling, and cloudy vision.

By the time she was six, the vision in Kailee’s damaged eye was greatly reduced. The cornea had become scarred and remained cloudy. Her best option for restored vision was a cornea transplant.

Kailee received her cornea transplant thanks to a 15-year-old boy’s donation.

Now a vibrant teenager, Kailee has been a real trouper throughout her ordeal. Once very shy and nervous around strangers, her many doctor appointments have given Kailee comfort with new people. She loves to sing and dance, play basketball and volleyball, and is now considering a career as an eye doctor! Says her mother, “Her experiences have made her a very strong young lady.”