Photo of corneal recipient Jim

After five years of limited success with online dating, Jim had determined to cancel his membership in Hundreds of thousands of other people may have found love using the service, but not Jim, and he was ready to give up on his quest to find a lifetime partner. Before he could act, a very close friend insisted he “hang in there.” Jim did, and three weeks later he met Judy.

Judy had been on for only five days, but long enough is long enough. Five years for Jim, five days for Judy—they were married in 2009, and they each have five diamonds in their wedding bands.

Though lucky in love, Jim did not fare so well with his eyesight. He suffered from keratoconus, a degenerative eye disease that caused the cornea to thin and the vision to become distorted. As a territory sales manager, which involved a good deal of driving, Jim needed cornea transplants to save both his sight and his career.

“If I had not received a corneal transplant,” said Jim, “I would have never been able to continue in my occupation.” He adds that the overall quality of his life has improved in so many ways.

Jim and Judy are very happy. Jim has just one regret—that he waited so long to have a cornea transplant!