Photo of Daron

Daron and Susan were perfect for each other. “He was the love of my life and my best friend,” says Susan. She goes on to reminisce about Daron’s big heart, and his giving, caring nature. “He would have done anything for anyone. He had such a great smile and a very hearty laugh that warmed up the room.”

Marriage brought new adventures to the couple. Early on, Daron convinced Susan to camp and ride horses in the Black Hills. Susan had never camped a day in her life, and she was a bit concerned about the lack of running water. But Daron assured Susan that it would be just fine, and he was right! “It was one of the most wonderful and beautiful times we had.”

Since Daron prized hospitality, he learned how to cook. They would often have family and friends over and entertain on the patio. As family was of the utmost importance to them, Daron and Susan spent a lot of time with their grandchildren. They would take them to the Minnesota State Fair and have a contest to see who could taste the most unusual foods at the fair. (Daron was usually the winner!) Golfing, fishing, and hunting also gave Daron a great deal of pleasure.

Daron’s giving nature extended to strangers, and upon his death, his eyes were donated to two women in Minnesota who were in need of sight-saving cornea transplants.