Photo of Addie

Addie loved her family, and was equally excited to spend time with them on a big vacation or just a trip to Wal-Mart. She also reserved a particular place in her heart for dogs, owned many over the years, and was especially fond of Cairn Terriers and Huskies.

Addie enjoyed the out-of-doors, taking care of her yard or gardens, and even running the combine on the farm! Inside the house, she baked with her granddaughter, Aubrie, who treasured this special time with her “fun, nice, and kind” grandma.

In her later years Addie would spend winters at Myrtle Beach with her husband, Bud. She loved the beauty of the South Carolina coast where she and Bud would walk their dog while watching the waves and the seagulls.

On the subject of donation Addie and Bud agreed – they chose to be donors. Addie’s family, too, view donation as a wonderful gift. “Things like donation (selfless gifts with no expectation of a return) are a source of hope for humanity in a world filled with too much greed and skepticism.

Addie’s selfless donation to research and education helped the University of Minnesota advance knowledge about eye diseases and treatments.