Minnesota Lions Eye Bank Is Now Lions Gift of Sight

We have exciting news for 2018! Minnesota Lions Eye Bank has changed its organization name to Lions Gift of Sight, and we invite you to celebrate the new year and our new name.

Several compelling reasons led to the name change decision, including the following:
  • Minnesota Lions Eye Bank, now Lions Gift of Sight, serves a large area that is outside of Minnesota, and a name that is not state-specific is more inclusive.
  • The word “bank” often leads people to believe that we are involved in finance. The new name will not prompt the same misconceptions.
  • As eye banks diversify, their services to surgeons include resources that do not fall under traditional “eye banking.”

Please know, however, that our name is all that is changing. Our relationship with the University of Minnesota and with Minnesota Lions club members is unaffected. Our staff are still University employees and our organization is still overseen by a 22-person board of directors, all of whom are Lions club members. And we are still the only organization based in Minnesota that recovers and distributes eye tissue for corneal transplants, research, and medical education. As before, we also cover parts of North Dakota and western Wisconsin.

A big thank you to Minnesota Lions clubs who have supported us for 58 years and continue to do so. Congratulations on the centennial of your organization!