Eye Donors and Families Honored

LGS Community Liaison and corneal recipient Jessica.

Lions Gift of Sight staff were so happy to honor eye donors at our Donor and Family Recognition Program on Sunday, April 22, 2018. Thank you to the family members and friends, as well as the corneal recipients who attended.

Thank you also to our wonderful speakers! Dr. Elizabeth Davis, a skilled ophthalmologist, expressed the gratitude that surgeons have for the gift of human tissue that helps them heal their patients. Jessica, who received corneal transplants as a young teen, explained how much it means to regain her eyesight and her independence while coping with the many challenges that Hurler’s syndrome brings. Not at all least was Patty, the daughter of eye donor Monna. Monna donated her corneas to Lions Gift of Sight for research, and Patty told of the donation journey she and her sisters traveled because of their mother’s donation. Allison Cramer provided the beautiful music that tied the afternoon together.

One other valuable element of our program is the photos of donors that family members submitted to us. These photos gave us a little glimpse into the lives of the selfless individuals who gave sight to people they will never meet. Following is a list of these remarkable donors, ranging in age from 100 years of age to just six:

Mikel Dean Abele Curtis Duncan Bartholomew P. Leuer Millicent F. Scheevel
John W. Adler Brooke Margaret Dunning John M. Lundquist Heidi Ann Schei
Frank Minton Alcott Lou Ann Dykstra Richard Paul Maas Connie Scheunemann
Gladys E. Alsleben Roger S. Edgar Tina MacNaughton Robert “Bob” Schierland
Linda Arechiga Elisabeth Olness Emerson Micah Vernon Lloyd Marcks Richard Schmidt
Eva M. Arnett Jase “Kelly Jo” Feigitsch Terry Marks Melissa Schull
Aileen Baesemann Kathy Fink Paul Anthony Martell David Eugene Schultz
Alean Barber Mary M. Fish Rita Mase Loreen I. Schultz
Joseph Barthel Andrew Joseph “Andy” Ford Connie Mattson Jerrod Fredrick Sedler
Justin James Bateman Richard Frederick Mark Ellis McCartan Janice C. Sellner
Mike J. Beerling Kenneth Freiermuth Autumn Nicole McLain Baylee Rae Semon
Mitchell Alan Berger John F. Gallagher Mary Alice McNeil Todd Richard Seymour
Lion Vi Bergman Joanne Gammelin Betty Jean Meier Tony Sinz
Tod Bertsch Thomas M. Gates Donald Gene Meulebroeck Erika Sitz
Bobby Bloom Alan William Gear Dr. Paul S. Monson Joe Slicer
Jeff Boynton Tim Gebel James “Jim” Mork Chong Sun Smith
Donald Laverne Bradwisch Maureen Hagen Laura Morlan Maureen Smith
Fumi Brand Melanie Anne Hanson James H. Mueller Perry M. Stafki
Bardette Brown Theodore J. Harvey Alberto Ysunza Mujaes Gene C. Stein
Greg Darrel Brown Gary John Hawley William J. Murray James Stello
James Brown Orn L. Hier Quinton Nauer Thomas J. Sweeney
Sula Bruins Joni Hochbrunn Samuel Jerome Noeske Ronald W. Tanchin
Dennis Buegler Gary L. Holstrom Lori Ann Nollet Donald Mark Tarbell
Alexander August Bundschuh Orin Holtan Diane Norstrom Donald L. Templeton
Frances Ann Burgett Kenneth Honcharoff Mary Beth O’Reilly Bruce M. Thomas
Robert Campbell Benjamin Daniel Huberty Isaac Ohlemann Richard Kieth Turpin
Jeffrey Carey Gary D. Hudson LCDR Thomas E. Orr Inga M. Voelker
Cole Carlson Nyle G. Huston Barbara Orth Gregg A. Vogler
Marina Challeen Lorenda Ingersoll Carol S. Beug Padrta Gloria Vye
Tom Chovan LeAndrew Jiggetts, Jr. Allen James Payne Oliver K. Walkingstick
Daniel Wayne Christiansen Jeanne Johnson Lars Pedersen Nathan Walsh
Gordon J. Conard Merandas Geneva Johnson Angela Perez Esther Scott Wentz
Bryan Kenneth Coy Barbara Jordahl Cpl. Samuel Peterson Jorunn “Jerry” Williams
Clyde L. Cronkhite Edward A. Kaschins Gregory Peterson Susan Williams
Virginia Mae Houghton Culhane Kenneth Kaul Janice K. Peterson Craig Winterfeldt
Jack Cummings Edward J. “Eddie” Kieger III Bruce Pinke Lanny Wipper
Kaya Cyert Joel G. Kleinschmidt Frank Michael Racich Richard Witz
Christopher Ivan Dalseide Brian S. Knapmiller Mary Kay Rans Alberto Ysunza Mujaes
Mose V. “Moeskee” Davis III Mark Kranz Jerry Rassier Daniel P. Zacharias
Douglas Day Aaron Ray Krause Hassan Reynolds Waneta Zacher
James D. De Lorenzo Jeanine Kusy Helen Roemhild-Wilke George Zembal
Wayne F. Demydowich Geraldine A. Kyro Stephen Rose Linus Zobel
Sophia Deutz Donald R. Langel Rita H. Rutz
Joey James Dokken Thomas A. Lauber Terry R. Saul
Andrew Dosch Doug Saban Lawson Steven M. Saylor

Thank you for sharing the day with us. Thank you for your loved ones’ gifts.